Friday, September 16, 2016

8 things to do in Finland during the summer!

Sometimes I feel that staying in Finland is a different reality for me. Two months past so fast even when I was missing Poland. 

Me at my mums birthday
1. Spend time with my family
 It is important for me to spend time with my family when I'm able to do it. 

2. Enjoy the nature
Everything seems to be so clean and pure. I don't miss that so much while in Poland, but when I get to Finland, I need to get to the forest and just walk.


3. Eat Finnish food
I love to eat all the things that I can not find from Poland (or things that only grandma or dad can cook). Favorites 4ever mustamakkara (black sausage) and wings. :D

4. Work
Summer is the time to earn money for the next school year.

5. Spend time with my friends
It is important for me to see my friends, I always have a great time with them. Unfortunately I feel that I didn't have enough time this summer.

6. Sauna
Relaxing in sauna. Best is when there is also a lake and you can just swim and go to sauna and repeat for hours.

7. Road trips! 
Different kind of nature, more people to see... Perfect!

8. Shop Finnish design to bring  back to Poland
I didn't buy almost anything for myself, but a lot of things to our home. Finlayson, Iittala.... It is a great reminder about everything during the winter.



  1. Allekirjoitan kaikki muut kohdat paitsi mustanmakkaran....hyi :D

    1. Haha, joo se vähän jakaa mielipiteitä ;)

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