Thursday, September 22, 2016

It is still holiday!

It feels weird that the summer is almost gone. I should get ready for the next school year and that starts with shopping! The feeling when you have a new wonderful notebook and you feel happy to use it. I haven't found that yet. I don't want to find that yet as then the next semester starts to feel more real. I don't want to start stressing about my Bachelor thesis (even that I'm stressing about it now)....

I will allow myself one more week without thinking anything related to the uni! (That is about the time that we still have summer holiday :D) Last summer days without work or uni, just relaxing and taking some time for myself. I hope my last holiday week will be full of great days, warm weather and no stress! Now I want to buy strawberries and raspberries to get the last taste of summer 2016!


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