Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Hey, I have been extremely busy during the summer. Work, celebrations, friends, small trips... I thought that the best way to share something (as so much has happen) is trough pictures. I don't have pictures about all the important dates for the summer but here comes a peek for Finnish summer and nature ;)

Last Friday we had a nice picnic together in a local park Arboretum in Tampere. 
Korvapuusti as our picnic sweet!

The park is just next to a lake and the view is great!
We saw many floating saunas! That is something I wish I could experience :D 

Trip to Korsnäs

For the summer my grandparents live in a small coastal town in Finland.
In this town everybody are speaking Swedish (more or less). In reality the slang is so strong that it is hard for swedes to understand.
Boat ride in the Baltic sea. 
The weather was great and it was even too hot to be outside. We went to the marine not to feel the hot weather but to feel the wind. It was so much better!
We even went for a swim to Baltic sea, this time it was so much more warmer than last time in Pori! :D
A lot of things has happened, my mom had her Birthday party, we were on a wedding and we have met so many friends! But now all I need is to sleep, I have been working crazy hours recently. I hope everybody is enjoying their summer! :)


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