Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pori Jazz!

This Friday we had a road trip to Pori (coastal city in Finland) as there was Pori Jazz, International festival that is every year during July. We were not going to the festival concerts but enjoyed the Jazz street and a free concert and the atmosphere. The weather was not so nice, and it started raining while our visit to the street. Luckily we got these nice pink raincoats for free!

A bit later we went to the Yyteri beach. Yyteri is famous for its beach as it is big and the dune area is unique because of its size (even in Europe scale). It was almost freezing (+16? maybe)but of course we needed to go for a swim while we were there! Crazy Finns! We were almost the only ones swimming, only couple of people were as brave as we were.

I just really like the place as it is so beautiful and something you don't see every day! I hope that next week the weather would be better! I miss Poland and the warm weather...


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