Sunday, October 9, 2016

First week @Uni!

The first week at the University is over! It feels weird that all my friends from Finland have already studied for a month and I just started. Even when only one week of this semester is over, I feel exhausted. During the summer I was not using English in such a high level that University requires, the autumn started at the same time as the Uni (it has been raining and colder than before), maybe for that reason I also got a flue. Enough reasons to be exhausted? :D

During the first week we needed to choose a supervisor for our thesis. I was stressed about this decision as I felt it will define my next year. I changed my mind the evening before and now I feel confident about my choice. Now starts stressing about the real work related to the thesis!

The first week at the Uni was also great as I was able to see my friends and spend some more time with them. I was already missing the coffee and lunch breaks. I think loveat noticed we are back :D After the classes it was nice to be able to say "see you tomorrow". Friday afternoon I spend maybe 4 hours just talking with my friend and enjoying our desserts. We went to Dinette just in time for their lunch menu and we saw this  pumpkin and salted caramel (pumpkin cream + salted caramel and juniper ice cream + apple gel + sea buckthorn jelly + apple and bison grass cake + hazelnuts oil powder) We needed to have it and it was delicious! I feel lucky as everything is so cheap here, for the dessert and homemade lemonade just 6 euros!

Now for the weekend the plan is only to relax. Not to do anything, just hope that next week I wouldn't feel this sick anymore. Sleeping, movies, good food... Reality may come back next week ;)

Happy Sunday! :)

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