Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring is coming!

This week I finally feel that the spring is coming. Till now it felt more like a winter and just awful rain and wind. And now what I mean by winter is something completely else than winter in Finland. For most of the time it has been warmer than 0 degrees (not counting some nights or couple of days). I have been wearing my warmest winter coat for the whole time, even when it has been +7. Probably I lost the Finn inside of me and I get cold more easily :D It is true that I get cold easier but it could be also because of the fashion and fitting to the city view. When everybody else is wearing the warmest coat they own, I'm not even thinking about other options. It has been winter for me, even when the snow was really just wet slush. 
I missed real snow for some time but the best option would be no snow at all. I got used to having snow every year but now I feel that enough is enough. I don't miss it when I'm in Poland, for some reason I feel that it doesn't belong to Poland. Even when I know that couple of years ago all the winters were still full of snow. Maybe it is wrong to talk about the Poland as a whole cause now I mean Wroclaw. Wroclaw is the warmest city in Poland, but of course there is snow for example in the mountains. 
When I went to Finland for Christmas I was hoping there would be cold and snow but I don't miss it to be here. 2 weeks of "real" winter in one year is enough for me. Just waiting for the spring, wearing just light jacket, seeing more sun, flowers coming up and more people in the city. 

Last Wednesday was my spring day. Seeing flowers in the ground for the first time, these beautiful yellow crocuses in many parks felt amazing, spring is really here! I was meeting my friends and just enjoying coffee and our talks. Long walks in the city were nice as the sun was shining and it was even warm in the sun. Still I was most exited about ice cream in Polish lody naturalne (the queue was maybe for 20 mins, best ice cream in the city! During summer you could wait more than hour for this perfection). I haven't been there since the last summer and now finally the weather is so nice that I feel like eating ice cream :P Perfect start for the spring, next time I just need to remember to take my sunglasses! (all my days are not like this, Wednesday just happens to be free from the Uni :D)


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