Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Finally got enough courage to start a public blog! I have been thinking about starting a blog since I moved to Poland (autumn 2014). I should have started this blog a long time ago when I first came to Poland, but I wasn't brave enough. Now I would like to get a new start with more experience and with more to say. My goal is to write about Poland and my life here, how I see the country and the city from eyes of a Finnish girl.

I moved to Wroclaw (Poland) autumn 2014 to study LLB International and European law. Now my bachelors are already in the half way of the studies, yay! My stay in Poland  will be longer than just for my bachelors as I'm planning to do my masters here. And who knows from where I will find myself after that, only the earth is the limit. So far my studies have been great, I'm not sure what I was expecting from the University but my studies in general will be topic for another post ;)

So why I decided to move to Poland?!? This is also a question that almost all the professors are asking during the first meeting, somehow questioning why somebody from abroad would be interested about Poland :D My boyfriend moved here about 9 months before me. This is the main reason why I got interested about Poland and the opportunities it had to offer to me. When I found my study program LLB I was sold! This program was just what I was looking for: international and related to law. I came to visit my boyfriend for couple of times before I actually moved here and I just fall in love with Wroclaw, such a beautiful city! I'm very proud to live in this city, I have almost every week a moment when I'm just thinking and wondering out loud how beautiful and great city this is. 

For the beginning I would like to ask what kind of texts would interest YOU! :)



  1. Hi!

    Could you provide more information about the program you are studying in, as well as living costs, and what's it like living in Poland in general?:) I had a look at Wroclaw University's website and couldn't find a bachelor's program for law studies, just for masters:(


    1. Hi! Unfortunately our bachelors program is not taking anymore students as according to Polish law all law studies should be in 5 years term bachelors and masters together. Now our Uni is only providing LLM but probably after few years there will be bachelors and masters combined.

      I will write a separate post about living here :) But what I can say is, that this is my home now! :)