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The 1. of May in Finland is called Vappu. For students the celebration will take about a week, not only the Vappu day. May Day is a public holiday that is the only carnival-style street festivity in the country. People young and old, particularly students, party outside, picnic and wear caps (graduation from high school) or other decorative clothing. University students are wearing their "uniforms" student boilersuit. Student boilersuits are not meant for work but for party, all the faculties in the University have different colors.
Me and my student cap just after graduation
History and use of the boilersuit: Student coveralls have become one of the most conspicuous academic traditions at some educational institutions, despite its short history. The use of overalls started in the Royal Institute of Technology in the late 1960s, and spread around Sweden and Finland during the 1970s. Apparently protective clothing was needed in excursions to companies, which soon led to use at parties as a way to identify students of different fields and organizations. The height of the use of the overall was reached in the late 1990s. Due to quick rise in popularity, most student organizations now offer the students a chance to purchase their own overalls during the freshman year. Since the 1990s, the custom has remained popular although perhaps in slight decline as the overalls are sometimes viewed to signal a lifestyle bordering on alcoholism and drunken misbehavior, up to the point where some pubs and clubs even choose to ban the use of overall uniforms. -Wikipedia
Boilersuits! Normally you can only wear the bottom and knot the upper part to your waist.
In my city in Finland in Tampere, there is a tradition that all the freshmen from Technical University are dipped to the rapids in the middle of the city.

People are having picnics, drinking and hopefully enjoying the beautiful weather :D If I could name any party from Poland that could be close to Vappu it is Juwenalia ;)

I already told you in the previous post what Finns are eating when it is Vappu but here are still a couple of more pictures to show how it is done!
Can't wait for our own small Vappu party and the long weekend ahead! In Poland 3. of May is the day of Constitution so that it is a free day and as 2. of May is in the middle of two holidays it is free as well. There are so many concerts and festivals in Wroclaw wright now or during this long weekend that it is even hard to choose what to do :D This Wednesday we decided to go for Jazz nad Odra festival for a jam session, the festival is going on so maybe I will make another visit there ;) On Sunday there will be a Guinness record in the Rynek, task is to break the Guinness World Record in the number of people playing guitars together. I hope that the weather will be good for this small holiday! Have a great Vappu and weekend! :)
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