Monday, May 2, 2016

Great weekend!

This weekend was perfect, I had time to meet my friends and also enjoy the perfect weather. Saturday was the international jazz day and we had a jazz parade here in Wroclaw. The parade was nice and relaxing, it was great to listen to good music, enjoy the atmosphere and good weather. I was not prepared for such a nice weather and I burned my nose in the spring sun. From now on I need to remember to be better prepared; water and sun cream will follow me everywhere!
Here are some pictures from the parade :)

On the way home I saw the jazz boat in the river

This Sunday the world record in the number of people playing guitars at the same time was done in Wroclaw. (They broke the record from last year from the same event that is organized here every year). We went to the city just before the record to see what is going on and enjoy the atmosphere. We didn't stay for the record itself as we needed to get to our place to prepare for the vappu party. Here are a couple of pictures from rynek before it was full of people with guitars :D

Saturday evening we had a nice barbecue in our back yard. It was great to be able to eat outside and just eat the grill food, it has been too long from the last time :D I also prepared this Finnish sima drink and some doughnuts. Here are some pictures about the outcome of my baking :P

I just wanted to have the balloons, a must for Vappu! :D

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