Sunday, April 3, 2016

Wroclaw cafes!

I had a wonderful week with my sister in the city. We were walking about 15km everyday, so I'm exhausted but happy that we were able to see so much and enjoy our time together. Now I would like to introduce my favorite cafes in Wroclaw. I was thinking this as I wanted to take my sister to my favorite places. The restaurant and cafe culture is different compared to Finland. Here, people are spending more time in cafes and restaurants also alone. Here you have so much more great choices than for example in Tampere.

Polish Lody
I already mentioned this place before. This is my favorite ice cream place in the city. They have only 3 normal tastes and 2 tastes that are changing every day. I have tasted for example nutella, kitkat, mango, rasberry, carrot.... Pure love :D This ice cream is worth waiting in the line for an hour!

FC Caffe
This place is great for studying as you can see the University from the window. You won't be late from classes :D The window is as big as the front wall so that the place has a lot of natural light. Caramel cappuccino is the best!

Hidden place near the University. The atmosphere, decor and music are amazing. They are playing real vinyls in the cafe and the customers could choose the music. Even without choosing the music on your own, it is always perfect. The cafe costs about the same than in big company's like Starbucks or Costa cafe so I prefer this local small cafe. The stuff is very friendly every time!
Picture by my lovely friend Maria when we were together in Vinyl! Follow: maria91413 in instagram :)

Manana Cafe
They have a jazz concert every Wednesday evening, last semester I was there almost every week and now I'm hoping to get back to the habit. It is a nice place to listen some great music with friends and just enjoy the atmosphere. Great place for couple of drinks and girlish talks!

I fall in love with their juices and shakes! So colorful and healthy. The place is full of natural light and there is a lot of choices for vegans also. All the foods seem to be very natural and they are taking into consideration different allergies: lactose-free milk and gluten-free bread (hard to find in Wroclaw). The dark bread in the picture reminded me of Finland so I wanted to take my sister to this place. Healthy juices are in fashion now, so this is my choice!



  1. I will surely go to Pochlebna as I have never been there and it looks amazing. Have you been to bułka z masłem, mleczarnia or the new place called ice rolls? ;)

    1. I haven't heard about these places before, thanks for the tip ;)

    2. Now I went to check out the places and I have been in bulka z maslem during the summer! Great terrace :)