Thursday, June 23, 2016


Finally I could say that summer started for me! On Wednesday I had my last exam at the Uni and now I'm free to go to Finland! Yay! My travel will start today with the train to Gdansk. I hope I will be able to sit in the train as all the seats were already fully booked. It would be awful start, 6 hours in the train with all my luggage without a place to sit! Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best... After the train, I will still need to spend the night in Gdansk as the flight will leave early on the next morning. And then finally I will be in Finland!!!

Edit: I upgraded my ticket to first class so I got a seat in the train! :D 

Quality time before leaving :)

I will get to Finland in perfect time as in Friday there is Juhannus (mid-summer) and I will be able to enjoy the Finnish summer, sauna, lake and summer cottage. I will tell you later more about Juhannus and add some pictures how we celebrated it!

It got extremely hot here, but I know I will miss this kind of weather in Finland! 

I still want to say good bye for the summer for all my friends from Poland (specially for those I was not able to do that in person!!). I hope everybody will have perfect summer! This has been amazing school year, I have got so many great new friends and had so much fun with the old friends too! I can not believe I have already been in Poland for two years. Time flies so fast that I'm not able to follow.

While telling best wishes for the summer to my friends in Poland, I can not wait to see my family and friends in Finland! Now it is only matter of days that I will be able to meet everybody! For the first week I'm planning to stay in the summer cottage enjoying the nature and beauty of Finland, call me after that and lets meet! :)



  1. Bon voyage !
    Say hello to your sister and enjoy the holidays !
    Miss you :( :*

    1. I will! All the best for you darling! Miss you too :*