Monday, June 27, 2016


I finally arrived to Finland on Friday morning and then it was time to new travel! We left for the summer cottage for the Juhannus (Midsummer)! For many years Juhannus haven’t been this warm. I remember that last year it was almost impossible to swim as the temperature was so low. Now it is better! Warm enough for a long swim and to spend a lot of time outside. I can finally breath the clean air and enjoy everything.

Vihta, used in sauna to hit yourself, feels good and relaxing

Of course football is part of this holiday! Cheering for Poland! Tylko Polska! ;)

Juhannus is a traditional Finnish holiday. Almost everybody is getting out of the city for the summer cottages to grill, swim, sauna and drink. It is traditional to have a bonfire (we don’t have that). The Juhannus night is a magical night and it has been part of the tradition to do some small rituals. For example: unmarried woman picks seven different kind of flowers, puts them under her pillow for the night to dream about her future husband. This is something we do every year. This year I only picked the flowers but I was not sleeping so that they were under my pillow.

7 different kind of flowers

Juhannus is in the middle of the summer and in Finnish also called yötön yö, nightless night. It is so light during the night that you can still see everything very clearly. Because of Finland's location spanning around the Arctic Circle the nights near the midsummer day are short or non-existent. This is a great time for sunset/sunrise pictures! 



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