Saturday, July 2, 2016

What I like in Poland? 3.Prices!

Time to continue the series about things that I like in Poland. The Prices are lower in Poland compared to some other European countries, in my case Finland. Everything is cheaper: living, shopping, food, entertainment, everything! I understand that for Poles the situation is different as they earn in zlotys and in relation to the prices. I still feel that the prices are way more cheaper for me.

I almost got an heart attack last week when I went to the Finnish supermarket. Everything was so expensive compared to what I have got used to during the time in Poland. For example in Poland I bought 3kg strawberries and it was 14zl (3,20e), in Finland I saw that strawberries costed 4 euros per one liter. Another heart attack!

Here are still some pictures from our summer cottage week, now starts my summer reality and work!
We went fishing and got this small pike, too small for our table so we let him back to the waters

Great picture by my brother!

Strawberry cake!  


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