Monday, October 31, 2016

Autumn colors!

This Sunday I decided to go for a long walk around the city as I wanted to take some autumn pictures. I have to admit, that I fall in love with Wroclaw every time I go out. I always find something new for me and something beautiful. While I was walking I felt so happy! I fully don't  know why, but I was relaxed and saw other people so happy. I saw at least 5 wedding couples taking pictures in Hala Stulecia and in the park next to it. I saw families feeding ducks, couples walking hand in hand, dogs playing in the park, everybody was enjoying the beautiful weather and the amazing colors the nature gave us. Here are some of the pictures from yesterday ;)

I stared from the Museum narodowe. The walls are so beautiful during the autumn as all the leafs are in different colors. 

I walked though the park next to the museum. I passed Panorama and climbed to a small hill next to it. 
View from the hill towards the other side of the river, Katedra.

Next I took a tram to Hala Stulecia :)
So beautiful path next to Hala stulecia and the fountain. 

From the park next to Hala stulecia, I followed a path that didn't go anywhere, just to this beautiful tree.

Autumn wonderland!

I know that in Finland it is already more gray and even some snow! I hope you still like my autumn pics! :) We are having a long weekend as tomorrow is the All Saints' Day. We will visit the biggest cemetery and feel the atmosphere. Now we will go and get some candles for tomorrow! 


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